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William Whiteside


Technical Writer


June 20, 2003









This procedure explains how to use and prepare the on-line Data Movement Activity Log.


Please contact the Data Center Supervisor to clarify any process within this procedure and for any concern beyond its scope.


The Data Movement Activity Log is an on-line checklist for monitoring data movement processes. The description and scheduled time for each process is provided in the Data Movement Checklist. For convenience, the processes are grouped together within the time period they are to be performed, and listed by day and by day shift and night shift.

NOTE:  When you use the procedures below to open the on-line Data Movement Activity Log, you will notice that the form also contains tabs for Turnover Log and Event Log.  The use of those forms is not discussed in this procedure.  For the details pertaining to each of those forms, click on the respective name above.

Please use the procedures provided below to access and fill out the Data Movement Activity Log.

  1. In Outlook, migrate to Outlook forms via the following path: Tools > Forms > Choose Form

  2. In the Look In: field, highlight Organizational Forms Library.

  3. Click on ITS-Data Center Event Log.

  4. Click Open.

NOTE: If the following message pops up, click Enable Macros.

The necessary addresses are already provided in the To: and Cc: address fields.  If you want to add an additional recipient, enter it in the Cc: field as you would in any normal e-mail.

  1. Place your cursor in the SenderName: field, and then type your name.

  2. Click the DM Activity tab.

  3. Click the tab of the day for which you are monitoring data movement processes. Each day includes a listing for that day's day shift and a separate listing for the night shift.

  4. As each process is finished, click in the checkbox beside the name of the process. As you click in the checkbox, a checkmark will appear.

NOTE: If you need to remove a checkmark, simply click the checkbox a second time.

  1. As each process is finished, place you cursor in the field to the right of the process name, in the Completed or PR# column.

  1. At the end of your shift, after you have finished all of your entries in the Data Management Activity Log, the Turnover Log, and the Event Log, click the Events tab.

  2. Complete the procedures described in Event Log - How To Use, starting at step 13.


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